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Devon Strut Fly-In – Porthtowan, Saturday 17th August 2019


No landing fee. Free food & drinks. Toilet facilities will be provided and pilots can camp over if they wish.

A warm welcome will be made to all.

PPR Contact: Rupert Major on 01872 552802 or 07773 582480.

A/G radio – Safety Comm 135.480.

Please call Newquay App 133.405 before transiting their area.


















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Porthtowan airstrip is a lovely grass strip perched on the high ground directly behind the scenic beach at Porthtowan and is owned by brothers Tim and Rupert Major who have been operating there since 1982.  


The runway is level and 500m long, orientated 04/22. Circuits are 04RH and 22LH, i.e. to the east of the strip.  

Please DO NOT fly over the housing estate immediately to the west/north west of the strip.  


The condition of the strip is never far from immaculate but like all grass strips it has its idiosyncrasies especially being close to the sea, so it is always wise to get a briefing when seeking prior permission (see contact numbers above), before setting out.


A few points to watch out for are the valley on the approach to RW04 that can give a high sink rate in a northerly wind.  There are power lines on the approach to RW22 at 45 degrees to the threshold and there can be a blanking effect from the hangar in westerly winds where a wind shadow may be expected.


The airfield is only a short walk to the beach and there are spectacular cliff paths in both directions..