The Devon Strut is a member's club of the UK's Light Aircraft Association and promotes safe, affordable, recreational flying through the support and encouragement of homebuilding, flying & self-maintenance of light, microlight, classic & vintage aircraft.




Farway Common Fly-In

Saturday 18th June

Online PPR via the Farway Common website.

How Green is Your Airfield?
A PPT talk by Pete White (7.5Mb)

New CAA Safety Sense Leaflets:


 Fuel Handling & Storage and 

Strip Flying

Devon Strut meetings at the Exeter Court Hotel will  resume on Thursday 13th October 2022 starting at 19.30.

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The Devon Strut is twinned with:

EAA Chapter 14 San Diego,

RAA Toronto and

SAAA Chapter 20 Australia.

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                         PRE-FLIGHT PLANNING                     


   1.   Check all relevant Notams here. NotamInfo map display here.

   2.   Check for the Red Arrows displays on 0500-354-802 or see here and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight displays here

   3.   Check the weather here 

   4.   You must have the required maps for the portion of the intended route (Chart amendment information here).

   5.   You should have charts or a description of the airfield or strip at which you are going to land.

   6.   If PPR is required you should obtain it by phone before departure.

   7.   If you have not been to the airfield before, talk to the airfield owner or a qualified CFI/FI for a local area airfield brief.

   8.   Approaching airfield listen out before getting close, to pick up local weather & gauge how busy it is.

   9.   Know the airfield joining instructions, circuit direction, areas to avoid etc.

 10.   If it's a non-radio airfield, use Safetycom on 135.480 and make blind transmissions.


   This list is not exhaustive but will aid in making life legal and safer for us all. (With acknowledgements to the International Auster Club.)