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Newsletters 2004

December 2004 (pdf 714kb): Report from Andrew Moore, Head of PFA Engineering, collecting a Banbi kit from Dijon, articles on visiting the Jodel Club event at St. Omer and news of two more members' projects making their first flights


November 2004 (pdf 440kb): Reports from September fly-ins at Halwell and Watchford, details of the new SafetyCom frequency, Paragliding in the Tirol and a calendar of events for 2005


October 2004 (pdf 407kb): Farway Common fly-in report, Nigel & Robert Nicholson's Eurostar completed, more Where to Stay recommendations from Mary Aston and news of the Devon Air Ambulance lottery


September 2004


August 2004


July 2004


June 2004




Previous Articles


Pacer Delivery (pdf 189kb): Barry Bower's account of relocating his award winning Piper Pacer from Branscombe to Perugia in Italy


Local Gems (pdf 141kb): Steve Robson's love of Bolt Head and its access to coastal walks


Fly-Ins June 04 (pdf 829kb): Reports from Truro, Bolt Head, Farway, Alderney and Eggesford


Fly-Ins June & July 2004 (pdf 867kb): John Crabb's accounts of the D-day events at Smeatharpe & Bolt Head, plus fly-ins at Halwell, Manstage, Taw Mill, Lundy and Branscombe


Fly-Ins August 2004 (pdf 328kb): Events of Treborough & Roserrow


Where to Stay (pdf 91kb): Strut members' recommendations of places to stay when visiting strips around the SW, UK & France

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