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Newsletters 2009

December 2009 (pdf 1280kb) Using a Netbook by John Crabb, British Legion Day at Kingsbridge by Reg McComish, Branscombe legal result, feedback from the Met Office GA Open Day.


November 2009 (pdf 1640kb) Helping other members; fuel tank sludge; YA day photos and Bud Evans obituary


October 2009 (pdf 1884kb) Branscombe scramble, Farway Common and Watchford fly-in reports, YA day, Sea Survival training and Greek adventure. Derek Boyce’s excellent online album, including photos from the recent fly-ins at Treborough, Branscombe and Watchford, is here.  


September 2009 (pdf 1592kb) Branscombe, Lundy and Treborough fly-in reports, Lundy Aeroletters and new members.


August 2009 (pdf 2610kb) Dunkeswell rally photos, BaP2 at RIAT, More new members, David Rhys’s Canadian trip, A65 oil filter mod.


July 2009 (pdf 2384kb) Belle Vue Aerocamp, Amiens adventure, new Rvs, PLB update, Bolt Head news, updated Dunkeswell rally info.


June 2009 (pdf 2051kb) Bodmin fly-in, Bolt Head Classic event, S African adventure, Smeatharpe D-Day+65 and Dunkeswell rally arrival info.


May 2009 (1555kb pdf) BaP2 flies!, A Newton Propeller, Watchford Scramble and Henstridge fly-in, PLB offer, Letter from Australia, New members.


April 2009 (pdf 1335kb) Precision flying competitions, Calibrate your ASI, NPPL revalidation, Tug Wilson's Sportcruiser, BaP2 assembly, new members, fly-in programme.


March 2009 (pdf 1953kb) RIP Ian leader & David Mickleburgh, Dunkeswell wartime history, project news, new ATSOCAS.


February 2009 (pdf 867kb) Strut AGM report, winter flying precautions, Perranporth and Eaglescott scrambles, BaP2 update 2008 AGM Co-ordinator's Report (pdf 35kb) 2008 Strut Accounts (pdf 33kb)


January 2009 (pdf 963kb) AGM agenda, Old Sarum scramble report, response to members’ concerns and Strut Plan for 2009

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