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December 2011 (1.3MB) Notice of Strut AGM, Member's Profile: Charlie Huke, Cabinet Studio's aircraft jewellery, Perranporth planning applications, more members' a/c photos.


November 2011 (1MB) Alec Janaway RIP, Memeber's Profile: Steve Wells, Peter Gilmour's RV8 project.


October 2011 (2.2MB) A Weekend in Paris by Tug Wilson, Member's Profile: Una Allman, Dunkeswell rally report, Smeatharpe Wings & Wheels, Bodmin Ladies' Day, Dick Smirdon RIP.


September 2011 (1.9MB) Member's profile: Dave Linney, Gliding evening report, First channel crossing by Steve Robson, Bader Braves at Bodmin and Scillies fly-out.


August 2011 (1.9MB) Member's Profile: Keith Wingate, Derby Aero Club Around Britain Tour by Richard Mole, Branscombe fly-in report, Poor Man's Dzus Fastener tool, CofA Woes by Martin Day.  


July 2011 (1.6MB) Scout Association Aerocamp & CarolAnn Garratt, Feet Off the Ground charity inauguration, Farway Common Fly-in, BaP3 at AeroExpo.


June 2011 (2.5MB) Visit to Watchford Farm by the Devon & Cornwall Police Helicopter, A Century of Lady Aviators’ Bodmin Fly-In, Jon Pote's Letter from NZ, BaP3 kit delivered, In Their Footsteps by Geoff Lawrence.


May 2011 (1.13MB) Member's Profile: Nick Chittenden, Dick Smerdon RIP, More on Mogas, News From Bodmin.


April 2011 (1.4MB) Altitude Encoder Calibrationby Kevin Stewart, Member's Profile - Ian Mitchell, light-weight starter installation feedback.


March 2011 (1.3MB) Perranporth Scramble, Simon Keeling’s Aviation Weather Services, Devon Youngsters Win Royal Aero Club Award in Aviation, Member's Profile - Dave Silsbury, Minutes of the 2010 AGM & the annual Strut awards.


February 2011 (0.92MB) Alan James’s Pientenpol Air Camper G-BUCO, pilot proficiency, Dave Silsbury's Legend Cub.


January 2011 (0.89MB) Gyroplane Experience report, 2nd Devon BaP project update, adapting small Continental engines to lightweight starters, winter flying precautions, carbon monoxide dangers, SEP revalidation by LPC, OFCOM charging, GASCo/Met Office seminar announced, notice of Strut AGM.

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