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Dec 2013            Visit reports - Jack Brown's SB, Florida & Yeovilton RNHF, Newquay scramble.


Nov 2013            Jim Gale profile, Computing the Load - CG calculation.


Oct 2013             Belle Vue fly-in report, Dave Silsbury’s Retirement Fly-In, How Do I Keep My LAPL(A) Valid?, baP3 update, Power & Attitude debate.


Sept 2013           Phil Parmiter profile, That Smoky Exhaust, Calibrating the Kollsman Altimeter, Exeter Temporary TMZ, DH Rapide G-AHAG Flies Again.


Aug 2013            Welcome to new LAA CEO, Dunkeswell fly-in report, Mountain flying in France.


July 2013            AeroExpo, Paul Isherwood profile, mogas developments.


June 2013          Sandown scramble report, John Holden profile, ElectraFlyer seen at SnF, Bodmin fly-in report, Mulberry Harbour mapping.


May 2013            An Inexpensive ADS-B Receiving Installation, Cvjetkovic CA-65, fly-in reports.


April 2013           John Havers profile, Immersion Suit Recommendation, Bowers Fly Baby G-UPID report.


March 2013        2012 annual awards, David Millin profile, BaP3 Zenair 701 and Peter Gilmour's RV8 project updates.


Feb 2013            Exeter Airport visit, Mike Wells profile, Zaon MRX collision avoidance review.


Jan 2013            Repairing a cracked canopy, Sandown & Panshanher under threat.

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