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The Devon Strut started in September 1979 with a group of eight local Popular Flying Association members and enthusiastic homebuilders getting together for a meeting in Plymouth, south west England. Many of those early homebuilders went on to win prizes for their creations, including Ron Martin and Clive Repik who both built beautiful Isaac's Furies. Dave Silsbury, who built a VP2, also won Best Homebuilt for his Pietenpol Air Camper in 1988 and then went on to win many prizes over the years for his workmanship. Indeed the Strut as a whole won the David Faulkner-Bryant Shield for best Strut back in 1988. Heady days indeed!
























































































































































The PFA made the transition to the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) in January 2008 and we aspire to provide a showcase for the LAA in the southwest and support its vision & objectives as one of the leading voices for UK light aviation. Our success in pursuing these objectives was reflected in the Strut being awarded the David Faulkner-Bryant Shield for the third time in our history at the LAA AGM on 13th February 2010.

Bolt Head Fly-In

Austers, Jodels, a Cessna, Woody's Pusher and an Emeraude at a Bolt Head fly-in.

Jim Gale accepted the David Faulkner-Bryant Shield on behalf of the Strut from LAA President, Air Chief Marshal (Rtd) Sir John Allison KCB, CBE, FRAeS, RAF. (photo by Brian Hope)

AGM Jim & dfb shield

In 2018, Devon Strut Chairman David Millin won the DF-B trophy in recognition of his services to grass roots aviation in the Southwest and to the Strut over the preceeding 10 years.


(Updated from an original Popular Flying article by Ernie Hoblyn.)

Devon Strut's History

Clive's Fury after its F/F went on to win 'Best Homebuilt' at Cranfield in 1985

History group pic
Clive Repik''s Isaacs Fury resized

L to R: Dave Silsbury, Malcolm Ross, Mike Mold, Clive Repik and Peter Hanley  viewing Clive's Isaacs Fury in the early days of the Strut


Ron Martin''s Isaac''s Fury G-BIYKa resized
Piet DE 1988 resized

     Ron Martin with his Isaacs Fury - PFA Best Homebuilt, 1986  

Dave Silsbury's Pietenpol Air Camper - Best Homebuilt 1988

John Prowse''s Taylor Mono G-BGHY resized
Currie Wot G-APNT Airymouse

 John Prowse's Taylor Mono

 Richard Webber's Luton Minor

Richard Webber''s Luton Minor
Isaacs Fury G-BBVO DS 1987

Dave Silsbury's Isaacs Fury

Fokker  DR1 Triplane G-BEFR Robin Bowes
Bede BD5 Howard Cox


In those early days Strut meetings tended mainly to involve visits to various workshops to see how other people's projects were getting on. Visits to one particular member's projects were always eagerly anticipated. Not only was he putting together a beautiful biplane in the garage but he was also the owner of one of the first video players and had a collection of early video tapes - Electric Blue 3 was particularly memorable!


Two of the original eight are still members of the Strut despite being well stricken in years and their hazy memories recall Dunkeswell as the "home" airfield and the scene of the strut's one annual fly-In. Since that time there has been a great deal of change. Instead of being comprised of mainly enthusiast builders, we are now mainly enthusiast flyers. Don't get me wrong, there is still a lot of homebuilding and restoration going on in Devon, but it is no longer the focus of the Strut's activities. The Strut currently numbers over 170, and between them those members own over 150 aircraft. One year, there were actually more aircraft than members! I am pleased to say that the vast majority are permit, classic or vintage aircraft or similar; Austers and Jodels for instance. In this respect we have a major centre of activity at Eggesford, which is the base for far more Austers than any sensible person would want to see at one time! Watchford Farm also has over 20, generally vintage and homebuilt, aircraft based there.


Being a rural area, we are blessed with a large number of farm strips, although not all have as many aircraft based as the two previously mentioned. This was the means whereby one of the greatest changes came about, namely the increase in the numbers of fly-ins. Thanks to the untiring work of our committee, we still have an annual event at Dunkeswell but with local fly-ins at other farm strips and airfields, including Farway Common, Branscombe and one on Lundy Island, organised by Pete White and his small team of volunteers. During the winter months, if the weather permits, we organise impromptu "scrambles" that are promulgated by email, to various aerodromes in the area. This makes for some very interesting flying for Strut members and anyone else who cares to make the journey to our far-flung outpost, just off the left hand end of what most people think as the flying world.


Some of the notable homebuilts are worthy of mention. Dave Silsbury's Isaacs Fury was subsequently converted into a Hawker Nimrod replica by the late Robin Bowes who also owned the famous ex-Harold Penrose Currie Wot Airymouse (currently owned by LAA ex-CEO Steve Slater) and also the Fokker Triplane replica G-BEFR which won Best Replica at a PFA Cranfield rally. Besides his trusty Cub G-BJEI, the late Howard Cox built one of the few UK examples of the Bede BD5 but after several test flights, the type was grounded by the CAA. Ever resourceful, Howard continued to fly the Bede in Eire for several years.


Fly-ins and bbq's keep us occupied during the summer months  but during the winter, when even the glorious Devon weather becomes slightly damp and cold and flying is more limited, we have evening meetings with guest speakers. These usually take place on the second Thursday of each month at the Exeter Court Hotel at Kennford, south west of Exeter but it is advisable to check our Events for details. Oh yes, that's another change that has taken place. This website is intended to provide a comprehensive focus for our activities with all our contact details shown along with our fly-in updates, airfield details, weather and links to everything else you could wish to know. Have a peruse, its well worth it. Just like Devon, when you come to think about it!

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