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Aircraft Type Clubs

Foreign Flying




  • Air Britain 

  • Air Transport Auxiliary Association *NEW*

  • Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust 

  • BBMF 

  • British Aircraft Directory 

  • Classic Air Force Museum, Newquay  

  • Cobbaton Combat Museum 

  • Control Towers

  • FAA Yeovilton 

  • Great War Display Team

  • Harrowbeer Interest Group 

  • Historic Aircraft Association 

  • Jet Age Museum, Gloucester 

  • Lancaster "Just Jane"

  • Milton Keynes Aviation Society 

  • Military Airshow Calendar    

  • Real Aeroplane Company

  • Red Arrows 

  • Royal Navy Historic Flight 

  • Shuttleworth Collection

  • SW Airfields Heritage Trust

  • Tangmere Museum

  • The Meteor Flight

  • The Spitfire Site

  • Treligga Aerodrome, Delabole 

  • UK Airshow Review 

  • Vulcan To The Sky

  • WW2 Re-Enactment South West   

  • X-Air Society

Historical & Enthusiasts




Magazines & Portals





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CAA, Airspace, Flight Planning & Safety

LAA & Struts


  • Alasdair Arthur's French Airfield's Guide 

  • EuroVFR

  • Dave White's Why Not Fly to France articles

  • FFA

  • Fly in France

  • Fox Papa en Images (French homebuilt gallery)

  • France RSA

  • Francoflyers (English-speaking flyers in France)

  • Guide to the Defence Low Altitude Flying Network (tr by G Clark)

  • Nav3000

  • Olivia

  • Pegasus France (M/L training and holiday mountain flying)

  • QFU

  • Quiberon Air Club

  • St Omer 

  • SIA

Supplies & Services


Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Gliding & Motorgliding


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