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Organised by the Devon Strut of the LAA and Devon & Somerset Flight Training


1  General


1.1 The 2022 Devon Strut Dunkeswell Fly-In will be held on Saturday 6th August.


1.2 PPR is not required for radio-equipped a/c but visiting pilots can obtain airfield information on the day of their intended arrival by telephoning Devon & Somerset Flight Training on 01404-891643. This is also advised for confirmation of the event taking place should there be any doubt about the weather.


1.3 Dunkeswell Radio A/G 123.480 MHz will be operational but non-radio a/c will also be welcome subject to obtaining prior permission by telephone (as above) and providing the pilot’s name, aircraft type & registration, airfield of departure and approximate expected time of arrival. No slot times will be used.


1.4 Normal parachute and flying club activity will be taking place. Expect high volumes of air traffic at peak times for arrivals (10.30 – 13.00) and departures (14.30 – 16.30). All arriving pilots are to observe the strict "No Overhead Join" rule


1.5 Visiting pilots should consult proprietary flight guides and / or the NATS AIP for aerodrome information.


2  Airspace


2.1 Dunkeswell has an ATZ, radius 2 nm and 2,000 ft aal within Class G airspace. Arrivals from the south west and south east (routing along the East Devon coast) should contact Exeter Radar 128.980 for a basic service. All pilots should check Notams before flight.


3    Arrivals


3.1 Pilots inbound to Dunkeswell should make initial radio contact with Dunkeswell Radio on 123.480 at either 10 miles or with 5 minutes to run to the field.


3.2 Pilots should familiarise themselves with the geography surrounding Dunkeswell, in particular the need to avoid North Hill gliding site 1.5 nm to the west-south-west of Dunkeswell. See local airspace map. Other locations that may be used to report inbound positions are Cullompton, Wellington and Taunton to the west & north on the M5, the disused airfields Culmhead and Smeatharpe to the north and north east and Watchford Farm airstrip 5.5 nm to the north east.


AIRCRAFT MUST NOT JOIN OVERHEAD AND MUST AVOID NORTH HILL GC TO THE WEST. All circuits must be to the east of the field; i.e. left hand on 17 and 22 and right hand on 04 and 35.




3.3 Runways available: 04/22– Hard, 968 × 46m Circuits 05 RH, 23 LH,  17/35 - Hard 644 x 23m, Circuits 07 LH, 35 RH
































3.4 Runway 22 has a 150 metre displaced threshold to ensure height separation on the approach when crossing the public road. The displaced threshold should be identified before committing the a/c to the final approach.


3.5 Aircraft parking will be on the grass to the east of RW04/22 (see diagram above right) under initial direction from the Dunkeswell A/G frequency. Thereafter, pilots will remain responsible for their own parking and if any doubt exists, engines should be shut down and the aircraft man-handled into their parking space. The grass parking area will be closed to arriving and departing a/c between 13.00 and 14.00 for public access. During this hour arriving aircraft will be directed by A/G radio to park on the disused RW09/27. 


3.6. All pilots must book in at the Control marquee. A landing fee of £10 will apply to visiting aircraft not piloted by Devon Strut members.


3.7 No flying displays will take place during the event.


4    Departures


4.1 All pilots must book out at the Control marquee.  


4.2 All pilots should depart normally. No ‘zoom’ departures please!


5    Other Information


5.1 Flight briefing and weather information will be available in the DSFT clubhouse. Live status information is available on


5.2 100LL fuel will be available from the pumps at the NE end of r/w 04/22, adjacent to the Aviator Restaurant.  


5.3 Free public access to the aircraft exhibition area will be provided via a manned gate from the Aviator restaurant car park. There will be no public access to the airside aircraft park other than between 13.00 and 14.00. Visitors by road will be able to park their cars on the eastern peritrack, south of the parachute club.  


6    Food & Refreshments for flight crew will be available from the Strut BBQ. Hot and cold lunches will also be available from the Aviator Restaurant (see website for opening times & menu).


7    Accommodation

 Pilots will be welcome to camp by their aircraft. There are toilets in the Aviator restaurant and at the parachute club. Camping and showers will also be available on request, adjacent to the parachute club. Details of local B&Bs and taxi services are available on the Visiting Pilots page of the flying club’s website





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Dunkeswell Fly-In Arrival Information, Saturday 6th August 2022


Dunks circuit diag
Dunks airfield plan

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