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All newsletters and articles on these pages are published in PDF format and will open in a new window. The download time will depend on the file size and on your internet connection

Updates, Newsletter Archive and Articles



01/05/2013 Flying Abroad checklist by Cark Meek added to Foreign Flying links


24/01/2013 EAA Aircraft & Engine Maintenance Webinar video link added to Engineering page


22/01/2013 Link to 2013 membership application form posted on homepage


01/01/2013 Newsletters from 2012 uploaded


16/06/2012 Dunkeswell Wings & Wheels Rally - exhibitors list published.


07/06/2012 Feb - May newsletters uploaded.


05/02/2012 January 2012 newsletter added in landscape format.


30/11/2011 Newsletters added, Norman Evans RIP.


28/10/2011 Newsletters uploaded, WeatherWebTV and Stranded Flyer links added. Winter meetings and 2012 fly-in calendar added to Events page.


05/08/2011 August fly-in & rally event information, weather site added to Weather page icons. BBC 5 day forecast now accessible from BBC icon.


26/05/2011 Weather - Updated Met Office weather widget for Dunkeswell, BaP3 project build report starts.


31/01/2011 Many new images added to galleries, Simon Keeling's Aviation Weather Information Service added to Weather page. Sweatshirts added to merchandise range.


12/01/2011 New Build-a-Plane project announced


21/12/2010 December & January newsletters uploaded.


29/11/2010 November newsletter uploaded. W&B training course postponed, merchandise range expanded.


02/11/2010 New link added: Crash Box & Classic Car Club; Message Board thread: Free Landing Voucher Exchange.


29/10/2010 October newsletter uploaded, aircraft weighing course info posted, new programme of evening meetings and 2011 fly-ins, Branscombe planning request.


11/10/2010 New images added to galleries and carousel


30/09/2010 September newsletter uploaded.


29/08/2010 August newsletter uploaded.


29/07/2010 July newsletter, Fly-In Weekend@Dunkeswell info uploaded, new site sponsor - Concept Trimming .


30/06/2010 June newsletter uploaded, Kemeys Commander airfield details, Branscombe Air Day slot application form, new projects index, key organisational and safety documents uploaded to  Events page, new gallery pictures and Project updates.  


30/05/2010 - New Belle Vue airfield page with revised runway details


17/05/2010 - New Strut logo and banner


01/05/2010 - Message Board added


30/04/2010 - April newsletter uploaded, new links added.


06/04/2010 - Heywood Farm added to Airfields Google Map


05/04/2010 - New project images of Brian Lyford's Pioneer 200 and Mike King's Jodel DR100


24/03/2010 - Safety page added, March newsletter and AGM Minutes uploaded.


28/02/2010 - Flying in New Zealand links added


22/02/2010 - New project images of Brian Lyford's Pioneer 200 and Mike King's Jodel DR100. Link to Dunkeswell Memorial Museum. "About Us" page updated.


14/02/2010 - New Engineering page under construction


12/02/2010 - New Committee details added to Committee page


28/01/2010 - February newsletter uploaded, new gallery photos added.


18/02/2010 - New Engineering "Suppliers & Services" links, new photos of Brian Lyford's Pioneer 200 project


16/01/2010 - New Weather page links


07/01/2010 - Met Office widget added to Weather page.


01/01/2010  - New website launched with similar format to the previous Devon Strut site but with new features, updated pages, new images / galleries / project pages, slideshows and site search function.

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