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BaP2 - Builders' Progress

To see a Photostory (7.2 MB media file ) of the BaP2 build progress click here

The builders came from local Scout Groups and Air Cadets and operated under the supervision of their leaders at all times. They were ordinary young people with no special skills but they did have a common theme, a passion for aviation.


The builders, overseen by the aircraft engineers and inspectors, embarked on building the kit in four different locations around Devon. Each group had a specific component to build, which were (i) the engine and cockpit section, (ii) the rear fuselage and tailplane, and (iii & iv) the two wings. Once the components were completed they were transported to Tim Gilmour-White's workshop at Thorverton near Exeter for fitting out and final assembly. Once the aircraft was completed and checked over it underwent a rigorous flight test programme to confirm its airworthiness before the real business can start - taking those who built it, flying!




25th April 2007 - Rear fuselage kit arrived in Kingsbridge.

Plans to get building were under way and the enthusiasm and excitement from the ATC was growing as they realise that they were actually about to build a plane!



29th May 2007 - Progress


Three relays of two cadets over a 3 hour period made great strides in assembling the rear fuselage section, Kingsbridge Strut member Chris Howell stated, "At last the Cadets have achieved meaningful progress and can actually see the shape of the aircraft beginning to form. From the look on their faces, by the end of the evening, they really felt that they had accomplished something". Quality of assembly was overseen by Devon PFA inspector, Dave Storey, who commented on the enthusiasm of the cadets and their concentration in getting it right.


With assembly of all components proceeding well in all four corners of Devon, it was envisaged that the project will be displayed at the forthcoming PFA South West Regional Rally, to be held at Dunkeswell Airfield, Devon, on 30th June - 1st July 07. The Scouts and Air Cadets involved will be manning the stand to talk about their experiences.


5th June 2007 - Rear Fuselage Finished


The ATC 1876 Squadron's work was finished and Jim Gale went to Kingsbridge with a trailer to take the rear fuselage and tail to Dunkeswell for mating to the other sections, ready for the PFA South West Regional Rally 30th June/1st July.


13th June 2007


The Hawk has flown... ...well part of it! June 13th saw the completed rear fuselage section loaded onto a trailer and transported to the PFA hangar at Dunkeswell.  


At the Kingsbridge Air Cadet Squadron's hut PFA Devon Strut member and Project Co-ordinator Jim Gale gave a brief thank you talk to the cadets and spread the PFA word to them and their officers. The cadets next input would be at Dunkeswell on June 30th at the South West Regional Rally, where they will help to man the BaP2 stand.


February 2008


The Kingsbridge Air Cadets moved to Devon Strut member Keith Wingate's workshop to assemble the instrument panel.



23rd May 2007 - First Session at Branscombe.


The Seaton Air Cadets' first Branscombe session went very well. The first hour was spent with a talk about the PFA, the Devon Strut, Tim's generous donation, where the parts were being built and a tour round Mike King's Sky4Aviation workshops and the hangar. The boys were given the aircraft assembly manual and asked to work out how to get started. They did quite well and they assembled the front and rear wing spars. The wing was subsequently completed and moved to Tim's workshop for mating with the other assembles.


February 2008 - The Battery Box was constructed and fitted to the engine firewall.



13th June 2007 - Barnstaple Scouts start wing construction.


At last, after many trials and tribulations, the Barnstaple Scouts got together with local PFA member Maurice Bush and inspector Howard Cox at Belle Vue airfield near Great Torrington. They had previously been offered a workshop in Barnstaple by BT but delays had been caused by BT Engineering discovering on the day of delivery of the wing kit that there was asbestos in the building, and so a new venue had to be found in a hurry! Belle Vue airfield was chosen but several leaves of absence intervened, so much so that it was decided to start on the assembly when the Devon Strut held its Scout Aerocamp at Belle Vue in early June 2007. The photos show that when the Scouts finally got stuck in, assembly went well and it was anticipated that the wing would make its way to Dunkeswell on Friday 15th June.


















February 2008


The Barnstaple Scouts were now working at Thorverton.                                





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