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BaP2 - The Aircraft

Selecting the right aircraft was vital to the success of the project. A number of designs were short listed and

evaluated from a number of different considerations. The aircraft that was eventually selected was the X-Air Hawk, chosen for its

attractive design, ruggedness, high quality and ease of construction.


















X-Air Hawk specification

                                                                         Speed90mph Cruise

  Range 60 litre fuel tank now up to 5hrs flying time

                                                                         Comfort   2 good seats & cabin heat

                                                                         Overhead VisibilityClear panels in roof section

                                                                         Adjustable SeatsQuick adjusting seats on sliding rails

          Easy AccessLarge forward hinged doors for easy entry

          4 Stroke Engine85hp Jabiru 2200 engine as standard



To see a short YouTube video of the aircraft type on take off click here

Hawk cutaway



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