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Build-a-Plane 2 - The Spirit of Devon Youth


The first UK Build-a-Plane project  involved young people from all over the UK in building a Rans S6-ES kit aircraft, and was begun

during 2003 under the leadership of Captain Stewart Luck, to mark the centenary of powered flight.  The plane was built in sections

by young people at Lisburn in Northern Ireland, Mold in North Wales, Perth in Scotland and Manchester in England under the supervision

of PFA engineering inspectors as part of a nationwide community project.  See the Youth and Education Support site.


Building and flying a light aircraft is something that almost anyone can do with the right encouragement. The Spirit of Devon Youth is a project based in Devon where four groups of young people have done just that!   As part of our drive to raise awareness about who we, in The Devon Strut, are and how we operate, we run a number of projects for young people including Scout Aerocamps, Young Aviators days and of course the 'Spirit of Devon Youth' project.























The aim of the BaP2 project was for a number of youth groups to build a light aircraft, with different components being assembled in four different locations around Devon under the guidance and technical expertise of LAA aircraft inspectors and engineers.


The Spirit of Devon Youth was made possible through of the generosity of Devon Strut member Tim Gilmour-White who kindly provided the aircraft kit and workshop facilities at his home.   More information about the aircraft, its build progress and subsequent flying, can be found via the links at the top right of the page.                         


                                                                                                                               We are also indebted to the following sponsors:








BaPTGW&GSorder100207 640

Devon Strut Members

Light Aircraft Association

Onrisk Insurance

Kingsbridge Town Council

British Telecom

X-Air UK

Sky 4 Aviation


ST Aviation Services

LAS Aerospace




The Devon Strut is delighted to accept  Airbox as a sponsor of the BaP2 (March 2010)


How you can help.


This project was designed to give young people a worthwhile experience early in their lives. They have learnt many things about aircraft technicalities, about working together and also, very importantly, about themselves. If you feel that you make a contribution towards providing another project where other young people could benefit then we would love to hear from you. To contact the Spirit of Devon Youth project organiser, please email: Jim Gale


Further Developments


An exciting development of the BaP concept is the involvement of Boeing in funding several new projects, overseen by the Royal Aeronautical Society and the LAA, starting with the building of a Rans S6 by pupils at Yateley school in Farnborough which was featured on national television - Click here to see the media file (3.32MB).  


A second school project was announced in November 2009 at Marling School of Stroud, Gloucestershire and in 2010, further projects were under discussion in North Wales and Scotland. With the end of the second flying year of the Devon BaP project being anticipated in March 2011, yet another Devon BaP initiative was being planned.


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